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To order please submit the following:

  • A photo of yourself (preferably head shot )
  • Include first & last name and age at the time photo was taken.
  • Brief bio and self description
  • Daytime phone number
  • Money Order in the amount of $12.00

    We'll send you a certificate with your name and score. In some cases, we'll also send you tips on what you can do to improve your appearance. " A great appearance can open doors for you and make life more pleasant." Everyone has some degree of beauty, the trick is getting it out.
    A poor photo may result in a lower score.
  • Your Beauty Score

    Beauty Score is a company that analyzes photographs and judges them on a scale of 1 to 10. All scores are based solely on the opinions of our staff. We believe our ratings are in line with the opinions of the general public. Your family and friends may not always give you their honest opinion. Both females and males are encouraged to participate.

    Don't be shy to have your appearance checked out by professionals in the talent industry, you may discover more than you give yourself credit for.

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